Lies – T M Logan (2017)

Title: Lies

Author: T M Logan

Publisher: Twenty7

Date: January, 2017


*(Mild) Spoiler Alert!!!*

On Amazon, this novel is titled: Lies: The Stunning New Psychological Thriller You Won’t Be Able to Put Down. I felt this was a bit of a cheap advertising ploy, and not something I’d usually pick up, but after seeing the reviews from some of my most trusted bloggers, I felt I needed to give it ago.

And I’m so glad I did!

This novel really is difficult to put down. The narrative structure is so beautifully straightforward. It depicts, day-by-day as Joe Lynch’s life gets sabotaged. The revelation of his wife, Mel’s, affair and his frame for murder which puts both his marriage and his young son under pressure. With each short chapter, more and more lies are unravelled and I found myself desperate to seek justice for this seemingly innocent character, who was just at the wrong place, at the wrong time. There is something heartbreaking about the shift in Joe’s emotions; the devotion he feels for his wife, to the stone-hearted betrayal that never seems to redeem itself. All the characters I found to be utterly believable, even the antagonist Ben, who is not physically there throughout the novel.

This really is a story for someone who is after a fast-paced, well planned plot seeking the thrills of a psychological thriller. It not only brings to light how deceiving a loved one can be, but how social media can play a huge part in exposing and ruining somebody’s life.

What a great read!


Snail Rating



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