*Blog Tour* 66 Metres – J.F Kirwan

Today I’m excited to be a part of the the 66 Metre’s blog tour – its my first time ever taking part and I’m thrilled to be posting alongside some fabulous bloggers this week! 

Title: 66 Metres

Author: J.F Kirwan

Publisher: Carnia

Year: 2016

Snail Rating out of 5: cropped-snail1.pngcropped-snail1.pngcropped-snail1.pngcropped-snail1.png

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The Novel

Its been five years since Nadia was forced to take on ten special missions for Kadinsky, the Russian gangster who has her sister under his thumb. Now, on Nadia’s final mission, freedom for both her and her sister is just over the horizon. She must capture a top secret weapon called ‘The Rose’ and deliver it safely into Kadinsy’s hands or else she might as well be dead. Alongside painful memories and the shadow of her father, Nadia must complete this final test, whilst battling with her own inner demons. But the question is: is she able to kill when the time comes?

The Review

The concept of this novel is great and reminded me of some sort of special agent, spy movie. The narrative is a good pace, neither too speedy or too descriptive; appropriate for the genre with just enough backstory to avoid any moments of boredom. My first thoughts when reading the opening chapter was wow… what a ton of exposition. But, with this out of the way, I was able to enjoy the quick and exciting way Kirwan leads us through the present narrative.

On reading the author bio, it is easy to see where Kirkwan’s love of diving comes in. This novel was born from a back injury which paused his ability to explore deep waters, and thus he was able to live his passion through words. The title, 66 Metres refers to the depth you have to go before oxygen poisoning kicks in.. and coincidentally the depth Nadia must dive in order to collect ‘The Rose’. This book is one of the Nadia Laksheva spy series and I feel Kirkwan has certainty produced a character that will want us wanting more.


Here is what BestThriller.com said!

 “A masterfully paced action thriller that takes readers to unexplored depths. The first novel in J. F. Kirwan’s Nadia Laksheva series introduces a heroine that readers are bound to fall hard for.”


Kirwan’s author site: http://jfkirwan.com/

Amazon: bit.ly/66metres

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/66-metres-jf-kirwan/1124177075?type=eBook


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