#IMWAYR – Monday Reading Tag!

I’ve decided to join in on Book Date’s ‘#It’s Monday! What are you reading’ tag. I find it difficult to keep up with my blog whilst juggling work and busy weekends, so this is an ideal way to keep the posts rolling! My list isn’t super long but I’ve felt it important to take my time over novels – I can only read one at a time!


What I read Last Week 

suzy spitfire

Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody is a new novel by Joe Canzano which I am joining the blog tour for next month. Its quirky, humorous and filled with such awesome characters that the plot doesn’t really matter.







32604387The Good Widow is a novel by book bloggers Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke. I loved it. Its full of secrets and bad relationships that makes you feel guilty to read… almost 😉







girl on the trainThe Girl on the Train – I don’t need to say much about this book. Just awesome.







What I’m Currently Reading I’

The growing seasonI’m about 10% of my way into this novel on my kindle and wow! It’s just wonderful. Set in a world were men and women can both carry babies inside ‘bio tech baby pouches’ – sounds like the perfect world? Of course not. This is a dystopian, science fiction story which SO FAR has remnants of Brave New World/ The Handsmaid’s Tale running through it. This could all change of course- these are just my initial thoughts!





What’s up next!?

the things we learn when we are deadThe Things We Learn When We Are Dead by Charlie Laidlow:

From Charlie’s Website: The Things We Learn When We’re Dead is a modern fairytale of love and loss.  It’s about the subtle ways in which we change, and how the small decisions that we make can have profound and unintended consequences.

32452160​I pre-ordered Strange Practice by Vivian Shaw months ago but I found out yesterday (from Amazon) that they ran out of stock! Looks like its going to take me a little longer to read than I realised unfortunately! I’m super excited about this title – Goodreads opening for this books is: Meet Greta Helsing, fast-talking doctor to the undead. Keeping the supernatural community not-alive and well in London has been her family’s specialty for generations. What more could you want! 




Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to check out the other bloggers with the #IMWAYR tag!


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